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Dunmow Waste Management launch new branding!

Posted on by Dunmow Waste Management Team

Getting the message across about our business and how dedicated we are to recycling and re-purposing waste is important to us. With this is in mind, we are proud to launch our fresh company branding for Dunmow Waste Management.

Presenting a new-look image, along with our improved fleet and services, will help us deliver a greater service for all our customers and create more visual awareness of what we do. We’ve kept the core values and colours of our brand, but brought the style up to date for 2016 and beyond, creating a cutting-edge image which feels smart but professional.

Dunmow Waste Management - New branding

How things have changed

Our brand has undergone several changes over the years and we’ve spent the best part of 3 months perfecting our new image. We’ve not thrown everything away, but simply refined what has made Dunmow so successful.

Orange has long been the main colour for Dunmow, with blues and greens used in different stages. We’ve stripped out the green from our previous branding and taken the focus back to orange, using a range of blocked shades. To emphasise all of this we will be using sharp black or white, depending on the background.

We’re also still using the ‘D’ of Dunmow as our focal point. By taking a sharper font, we are now using the geometric points of the ‘D’ to project our commitment to action and strength in our sector. The colour palette, flowing through the geometric shapes helps to present an organised operation, matching our processes and mirroring how our dedicated team work together to achieve the best results.

To add to our new geometric design, we’re employing hexagons to help represent the multi-faceted services we offer to our customers. Our six main services – Skip Hire, Waste & Junk Clearance, Grab Hire & Muck Away, Recycling Centre, Bulk Haulage and Asbestos & Hazardous Waste Disposal – are all available as part of our comprehensive operations.


A visual history

We’ve been operating in the industry since 1987 and the business has gone from strength to strength over the years. You can see for yourself just how far we’ve come and how much our branding has evolved in these images:

Dunmow Waste Management Lorry - Old Branding

Dunmow Waste Management - Branding 2015

Dunmow Waste Management - Branding 2016


We hope that you’ll keep an eye out for our new and improved branding – with consistency and professionalism at the heart of what we do – and we look forward to working with you to help improve the way we deal with your waste. From everyone here at Dunmow Waste, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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