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Dunmow Staff Raise Funds For CDKL5 UK

Posted on by Dunmow Waste Management Team

At Dunmow Waste Management, community and charity are very important to us, and there’s one good cause that is particularly close to our hearts: CDKL5 UK.




We decided to get together this Christmas to raise some money for this noble organisation – one that is on the frontline of fighting a life-altering disorder while helping to provide care for sufferers and their families.

Instead of giving gifts this holiday season, Dunmow are providing Christmas cards, with each card representing a £10 donation to charity by us. This, along with some generous donations made at our annual Christmas party, has seen Dunmow raise a total of £3167.02 for CDKL5 this year.


What is CDKL5?


CDKL5 (Cyclin-Dependent Kinase-Like 5) is a serious genetic disorder involving the impairment of neuro-development. Most prevalent in girls, it first displays symptoms within the first few months of life in the form of seizures, and many go on to suffer from not being able to walk, talk or feed themselves.

Its effects can be debilitating – something that is understandably very distressing for sufferers and their families – and can mean a life of total dependance and round-the-clock care.

With additional symptoms ranging from scoliosis to visual impairment, sensory issues and various gastrointestinal difficulties, the work of charities such as CDKL5 UK becomes vital in the battle against the disorder.


What do CDKL5 UK do?




A UK-based organisation, CDKL5 UK aims to raise funds and awareness of the disorder, with the overall goal being to assist global research efforts.

With a lower profile than similar debilitating disorders, the charity is crucial in helping to fund research into both a cure and treatment for symptoms.

CDKL5 UK also provide much-needed support and information for the families of those unfortunate enough to suffer from the disorder, as well as carers and even health professionals who may not have encountered the rare disorder before.

The charity is extremely passionate about the work that it does, and many of those making up the Board of Trustees are themselves parents of children who are living with the disorder. CDKL5 UK’s primary goal is financial aid for those working to find a cure, but they believe in the importance of raising awareness for a very serious disorder that many are sadly oblivious to worldwide.

Their website contains a diary of events, from fundraising to international conferences, for those looking to get involved in helping to fight CDKL5, as well as further information and of course ways in which to donate


This is a cause which is close to our hearts here at Dunmow, and we’re proud to have such a generous team. Our thanks go out to everyone who attended the party and helped to make it a success.

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