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Dunmow Waste Management continues to invest in Vehicle Safety

Posted on by Dunmow Waste


The team at Dunmow Waste Management have long been firm advocates for ensuring their fleet of skip lorries are the safest on the roads of Essex today.  Backed by the ‘Bronze Fors Accreditation’, the team understands the importance of all vehicles being road-worthy while carrying the latest in safety and security features to help protect vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorbike riders.

With the well-being of our vehicles at the core of the Fors Accreditation, the DWM Fleet of skip lorries from ‘Volvo’ are inspected and serviced every 6 weeks, while the essential skip lifting equipment and chains from ‘Hyva’ are tested every 6 months.

Video of the new DWM Skip Lorry:
Dunmow Waste Skip Lorry


The new Volvo FL vehicles now account for nearly half the 28-strong fleet at DWM, providing a comprehensive safety package including the latest in automatic emergency braking.

So, what are the security measures featured on the Dunmow Skip Lorries?

  • 4-Camera System – recording all actions of the vehicle while in operation.
  • Left-Turn Audible Alarm – warning those close-by that the lorry is about to turn left.
  • Rear Reverse Audible Alarm – warning those within the vicinity that the vehicle is about to reverse.
  • Side-Scan Close Proximity Sensors – to alert the driver of a vulnerable road user situated along the near side / front corner of the skip lorry.
  • Lifting Equipment with Full Remote Control – affording the operator a clear and safe view of the area while lifting and operating the skip equipment in all environments.
  • Vehicle Tracking – to ensure our vehicles are driven in a courteous manner, and not exceeding speed limits.
  • Engine Idle Times – vehicles are monitored to reduce fuel consumption and air emissions
  • Collision Warning with Emergency Brake – an advanced emergency braking system, including early collision warning.

Volvo’s ‘Collision Warning with Emergency Brake System’ in action:Volvo Lorry showcasing their Emergency Braking System.

Dunmow Waste Management offers a wide range of professional waste management services including waste clearance, skip hire, roll-on/roll-off and grab lorry services across the Essex region from their base in Chelmsford.

To find out more about how Dunmow Waste can help you manage your waste in a legal and environmentally sympathetic manner, please call our Customer Care team today.

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