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European Recycling Rates: Radical Recyclers or Waste Weaklings? [Infographic]

Posted on by Dunmow Waste Management Team

Europe is under great pressure to meet specific targets for recycling municipal waste, but what is a recycling rate and how well are we all doing?

In this infographic, we take a more detailed look at how Europe is stepping up to the plate when it comes to recycling and we define the kind of waste we’re talking about.

European Recycling Rates Infographic

Recycling is extremely important to the future of the planet, with Europe imposing tougher targets to help the continent as a whole to pull its weight. Many countries are now not far from meeting their targets, with more improvements ahead.

At Dunmow Waste Management we’re proud of our dedication to recycling, taking in waste from a number of sources and recycling the maximum amount possible – doing our part to help the UK meet its targets in the coming years.

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