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Great Ways to Reduce Your Office Carbon Footprint

Posted on by Dunmow Waste

At the beginning of this year, Dunmow Waste moved its operations onto a fully cloud-based management system. This paperless technology allowed us to be at the forefront of the waste management industry, ensuring that we reduced our environmental footprint. With more and more businesses trying to be as “Green” as possible, the team here at Dunmow Waste Management have put together some easy ways to help you and your colleagues reduce your office waste, and even if you can’t reduce it… recycle it!

Think before you print!

Remember to only print if it’s necessary which will save you ink, but if you have to, set up your computer to automatically print double-sided which also saves paper… winner!

Man in an office throwing plastic bottle into recycling bin

Make it easy for everyone to recycle!

Have a waste recycling station in your office kitchen with multiple bins labelled for specific waste, this will help separate materials (general, plastics, paper etc) making recycling easier for everyone!

Ban bottled water!

In the UK, it’s estimated that 38.5 million plastic bottles are used every day, but 15 million of these are NOT recycled. One simple way to break the plastic habit is to invest in a reusable, refillable water bottle. Not only are you more likely to drink the recommended 2 litres of water a day, but you’re also not adding to the single-use plastic build up!

Think positive… recycle your batteries!

Over 20,000 tonnes of batteries are sent to a landfill site in the UK each year. You can request a free battery recycle box for the office… and it’s free!

Collect up all the used batteries from keyboards, mouses and remotes from around the office and place them all in the collection box. Just remember, it takes 50 times more energy to make a battery than it gives during its life!

You can request a collection box from here.

Saving energy is easy!

Create a reminder to staff, that the last person to leave must ensure all the lights are switched off. Shutting down your computer and turning off any other devices overnight can save a huge amount of energy… which also saves the company money!

Recycle your cartridges!

Recycle and donate your empty inkjet cartridges from your office and help protect the environment! Post your old cartridges for FREE to The Recycling Factory who promise that 100% of the value of all the inkjet cartridges will be donated to The British Heart Foundation.

You can download the return here.

Cut down on packaging!

If you are sending out lots of boxes and parcels, instead of buying in paper shred or paper bulk consider shredding any scrap paper or documents that you no longer need!

Here at Dunmow Waste always try to be as environmentally friendly as possible, if you have any other great ways for us to reduce our footprint, send us a tweet!

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