Waste clearance & Collection Service

When it comes to getting rid of your waste quickly and without hassle, nothing compares to waste clearance from Dunmow Waste Management.

We provide teams consisting of two experienced staff members with a caged vehicle for waste transportation. For larger jobs, more than one team is available to complete the clearance. Regardless of what type of waste you have, we do all the lifting to clear your property and only charge for the amount of waste we take away.

Once we’ve removed your waste, we’ll provide a full tidy up and a record of the service will be provided after payment.

Wondering what types of waste we take? Simply click the categories below to find out.

  • Houses/Lofts/Cellars
  • MattressesWaste Clearance Mattresses
  • CarpetsWaste Clearance carpet
  • FurnitureWaste Clearance furniture
  • PlasterboardWaste Clearance Sheds
  • ClothesWaste Clearance clothes
  • Wet paintsWaste Clearance Wet Paints
  • Floor coveringsWaste Clearance Floor coverings
  • ToysWaste Clearance Toys
  • LuggageWaste Clearance Luggage
  • Kitchen unitsWaste Clearance Kitchen units
  • Household accessoriesWaste Clearance House Accessories
  • & much more!Waste Clearance
  • Sheds
  • ToolsWaste Clearance Tools
  • SoilWaste Clearance Soil
  • Garden electricalsWaste Clearance Garden electricals
  • Wet paintsWaste Clearance Wet Paints
  • SolventsWaste Clearance Solvents
  • Acids & alkalinesWaste Clearance Acids & alkalines
  • & much more!Waste Clearance
  • Garages
  • TyresWaste Clearance Tyres
  • BatteriesWaste Clearance Sheds
  • Electrical items/cablesElectrical items/cables
  • BricksWaste Clearance Bricks
  • OilsWaste Clearance Oils
  • ToolsWaste Clearance Tools
  • Old furnitureWaste Clearance furniture
  • Old luggageWaste Clearance Luggage
  • Old toysWaste Clearance Toys
  • Wet paintWaste Clearance Paint
  • Acids & alkalisWaste Clearance Acids & alkalines
  • LaddersWaste Clearance Sheds
  • Scrap woodWaste Clearance Scrap wood
  • & much more!Waste Clearance
  • Garden
  • SoilWaste Clearance Soil
  • PlantsWaste Clearance Plants
  • TreesWaste Clearance Trees
  • BricksWaste Clearance Bricks
  • Rocks & rubbleWaste Clearance Rocks
  • Garden furnitureWaste Clearance Garden Furniture
  • TurfWaste Clearance Turf
  • ConcreteWaste Clearance Concrete
  • & much more!Waste Clearance
  • Offices
  • DesksWaste Clearance Desk
  • CabinetWaste Clearance cabinet
  • Other furnitureWaste Clearance furniture
  • ComputersWaste Clearance Computers
  • MonitorsWaste Clearance Monitors
  • Other electricalsWaste Clearance Cable
  • & much more!Waste Clearance
  • Fly Tipping Clearance
  • Anything and everything!Waste Clearance
  • At Dunmow Waste we work hard with both or domestic and commercial customers to combat the blight that ‘fly-tipping’ creates.

  • Farmland is particularly vulnerable and is targeted regularly by fly-tippers. Dunmow work closely with local farmers to assist in managing waste which has been dumped on their land.

  • With a fleet of vehicles in operation and professional waste management teams, the community can rely on us for fly tipping clearance, leaving behind a clean and clear environment.

  • End of Tenancy
  • MattressesWaste Clearance Mattresses
  • CarpetsWaste Clearance Carpet
  • FurnitureWaste Clearance Furniture
  • PlasterboardWaste Clearance Plasterboard
  • ClothesWaste Clearance Clothes
  • AccessoriesWaste Clearance Accessories
  • Wet paintsWaste Clearance Wet Paints
  • Floor coveringsWaste Clearance Floor coverings
  • ToysWaste Clearance Toys
  • LuggageWaste Clearance Luggage
  • Kitchen unitsWaste Kitchen units
  • Household accessoriesWaste Clearance Household accessories
  • & much more!Waste Clearance

See our waste clearance team in action


  • Ideal for domestic and commercial

    Whether you’re clearing out your unwanted items at home, operating in construction and need a site cleared, or you’re a local authority looking to have fly tipping removed, our waste clearance can be tailored to any task.

    We do the hard work

    There’s no heavy lifting or loading for you and you won’t need to rope in friends and family to help with any projects. Our two-man teams will take care of all the hard work for you.


    If you want to get rid of large quantities of waste from your home, but live in a property where a skip can’t be delivered, such as terraced properties, it can be difficult. Through waste clearance, any property in any location can benefit.

  • Convenience

    There are so many more important things you could be doing than dealing with your waste, and by using waste clearance services you can get the most convenient service possible. We arrive at a time to suit you, so let us take all the work off your hands.


    Waste clearance means your waste is taken away quickly, so you spend less on labour to clear it away and you also don’t have to spend more on the long-term hire of a skip.

    Environmentally Friendly

    With concerns surrounding emissions, waste clearance does away with the back and forth of vehicles, creating a swifter service which has less impact on the environment.

Waste Clearance FAQs

  • Skips are a fantastic idea when you have a long-term need for somewhere to place your waste, but if you require a one-stop solution to getting rid of a bulk of waste, you’ll find waste clearance more practical.

    Where you’re left to load a skip, our team do the lifting and loading for you. We complete our work there-and-then to rid you of unwanted junk and you’ll only pay what we quoted for the job.

  • Do I need to gather all the waste into one area?

    After allocating a time slot, our teams can carry out any work needed - whether that’s gathering up the waste and removing it or simply doing the latter part.

    Do I need to be at home?

    Access to your premises will be required for our team to be able to clear the waste. We would advise for someone to be in, but if access isn’t required it isn’t always necessary.

    Are there any items you can’t take?

    We can take most waste types but it’s a good idea to give us prior notice, we can then make the right preparations and recommendations to tackle your waste.

    Here are a few examples of items which are or contain hazardous waste that we’ll need to be notified of before we can come and collect them:

    1. Gas bottles
    2. Asbestos
    3. Tyres
    4. Fridges
  • 1. Start by speaking to our team about your waste, including the type of waste and how much of it there is, this way we can give you a quote for the job.

    2. Arrange a time which suits you for our team to arrive and carry out the clearance.

    3. Our uniformed team arrive in a branded vehicle at the allocated time.

    4. It takes us an hour per clearance on average.

    5. Once we’ve taken all your waste and loaded it in our vehicle, we provide a full sweep up of the area.

    6. We take the waste away to be recycled and processed at our site, sending you a waste disposal note for your records.

    7. You pay for what we collect based on the given quote.

  • Will you only come once, or will you make multiple journeys?

    Our teams can make multiple visits if necessary within the allocated time slot.

    How do you determine the cost?

    We base our prices on whether your waste fills our van by a quarter, half, three-quarters or entirely.

    Do you come to me to quote?

    This depends on the size of the job; if you can send us a photo of the waste we can quote based on this. If there is too much waste we can visit to assess and provide a quote for the work.

Why Choose Dunmow Waste Management?

  • We leave your site cleared and tidy
  • Environmentally friendly vehicles
  • We only charge for what you dispose
  • We recycle and reprocess all your waste
  • Friendly, prompt and efficient teams

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